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Helping Looper Insights to implement actionable features and automation

Looper dashboard rules


  • Helped the business to ‘vision’ the future product
  • Ensured that the future product had good product/market fit
  • Delivered quick, iterative, take-to-market feature updates

Main deliverables

  • Vision exploration
  • Customer validation of new features
  • Iterative improvement of the tool

Looper Insights is a market leader in tracking and analytics that helps large-scale film & TV distributors manage their content across streaming devices, set-top-boxes, games consoles and smart TVs. Looper works with some of the world’s most successful platforms and distributors including Amazon Prime Video, Sony, A+E Networks and Peacock.


Looper Insights asked me to integrate new, actionable product features, designing the next phase of the pre-exsiting, report-focussed interface. This would enable Looper’s customers, large scale Film and TV distributors, to manage pricing, availability, positioning, artwork and metadata for their entire catalogue across all digital stores and markets, in a single interface.

Rules concept

When Looper commissioned me to work on a step-change for their film & tv reporting technology, they already had the ability to track and report data for titles across platforms and territories.

I was asked to design new ways of allowing their customers to carry out updates via the reporting dashboard. There was a short term need to get these features to market and to get them tested with clients. There was also a long term, future vision to explore, to look at what future actions might look like, how automation could work, and to think through making the solution scalable.