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Helping Beano Studios & Beano Brain to monetise unique audience data and take new products to market Spot Qs


  • New products live
  • Enabled the business to monetise its unique audience data
  • Improved business efficiency through increased visibility and understanding of the product suite
  • Optimisation of audience experience

Main deliverables

  • New Omnibus and Brand Tracker products
  • Integrated device for collecting demographic audience data
  • Complete product audit and documentation
  • Audience research workshop


Beano Studios is the multi-media business of one of Britain’s most recognisable brands, The Beano. On a rolling contract, I worked on a range of projects to optimise and to develop new products for the insight consultancy, Beano Brain.

My most significant deliverables enabled Beano Brain to monetise its first party data through the addition of critical demographic data, given by the audience of 7-13yr olds. In addition to this I designed a method for running omnibus and brand-tracker surveys. Through a series of tests we worked towards finding a method that minimised impact on audience enjoyment of the experience (games, quizzes, jokes…) and also aligned with privacy-first, GDPRK and COPPA-compliant polices.

Multi-Qs flow diagram

Other work included:

Business-wide, stakeholder interviews and product suite audit
A thorough series of stakeholder interviews enabled me to document the full suite of products, organising them by business KPIs and opportunity, to share it back to the business for improved business-wide understanding and visibility.

Optimised through A/B testing
Making improvements to engagement, completion rates, session duration

Audience research
Participated in a half-day, Beano workshop, alongside the the core product creative team, in a junior school in Streatham. The objective was to build awareness of and simultaneously build knowledge of the audience – what are they in to, what do they think about…

“Pete is an excellent designer who demonstrates an all-around capability for product design, be it feature, visual and/or data design. In the relatively short period Pete was contracted to Beano he took on many challenges, the highlight being the lead in product design on our recently released Omnibus and Brand Tracker products. I was particularly impressed with his depth of knowledge and his ability to turn fragments of insight into tests of the product. He is also a really great guy to work with and would be an asset to any company that values excellent design talent. I look forward to working with him again in the future”

Sanjay Ravindran, Executive Director Product & Delivery, Beano Studios