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Explaining the results of the largest ever survey of British social class by letting the BBC audience ask “where do I fit?”

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BBC Class Calculator

Process: Research, data analysis, co-creation workshops, prototyping, wireframes, UX&UI design, testing

The Great British Class Survey was a collaboration between BBC Lab UK and leading sociologists, designed to remodel traditional definitions of social class for the 21st century. It evaluated responses from 161,000 people.

Early in the project the sociologists were still processing the data, so we employed their formulae and hypotheses to design & build a prototype to demonstrate how the information could be presented in a personalised and entertaining way.

Wireframes, user flows

BBC early project user flow
BBC early project user wireframe

BBC News Online then commissioned a fully functioning ‘class calculator’ after the statistical analysis was complete. Read about the methodology on the BBC’s website.


BBC prototype
BBC prototype

Our aim was to make a serious academic study fun and easy to understand. We distilled complex data into a simple and engaging visualisation, encouraging the audience to ask “where do I fit?”

The calculator placed people in the new class model by asking them to indicate their wealth, social connections and cultural interests – the three defining measures of the new class system.

The calculator achieved six million views in 24 hours, was the BBC website’s second most viewed page of the year, and the most shared page ever. As well as being one of the biggest stories of the year, it won the data-driven applications category at the Global Editor’s Network Data Journalism Awards.

Take the test: BBC Class Calculator