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Visualisations to support the Resources Futures report from Chatham House

w/ Applied Works

Chatham House Resources Futures data visualisation

Global Resources data visualisations

Data visualisation: Global resources short term flashpoints
Data visualisation: Global resources trade interdependencies
Data visualisation: Emerging consumers of global resources
Data visualisation: Production of global resources

Providing influential decision makers with detailed insights on global resource trends

Working closely with Chatham House, stories were extracted from the data and simple visualisations were developed that would quickly engage a powerful but time-poor audience. Designed around a central world map, the site displays visualisations that support eight pivotal themes running through the reports executive summary.

Users are able to view information about each resource, country and trade flow through editorial context, helping to explain the stories in a level of detail that engages international thought leaders in the debate on the resource economy and its impact on the environment.

Process: Research, co-creation workshops, data visualisation, UX & UI design.