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Design & build of a tool to explore the most comprehensive collection of quantitative data on African governance

w/ Applied Works

Visualising African Governance

Process: Workshops, data visualisation, prototyping, UX & UI design

A valuable tool for governments, NGOs, journalists and researchers, the IIAG is a vast piece of research compiled annually from 32 independent sources to indicate the performance of 52 African nations on governance.

Data spanning a 12 year period are presented across four political, social and economic categories; Safety and Rule of Law, Participation and Human Rights, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development.

The information is presented visually so that important trends and correlations are easier to find and interpret.

A sophisticated platform was built to access, import and interconnect the data, enabling users to explore, compare and customise the results for each country, and see facts about the key changes over time.

The visualisation adds clarity to IIAG statistics, enabling a more accurate representation of governance across the continent and allowing governments, institutions, businesses and journalists to easily assess policy outcomes in Africa.