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Design & build a product to provide a better understanding of energy usage during and after the Olympic Games (w/Applied Works)

Real-time energy consumption: London Eye story

London Eye: Realtime Energy Monitoring

Installed at the EDF Pavilion on the Olympic Park

Visualisation Installed At The EDF Pavilion On The Olympic Park

Visualisations of energy consumption at Olympic venues and London landmarks

As official electricity supplier of the London 2012 Olympics, EDF wanted to leverage their involvement to demonstrate the benefits of intelligent energy management.

We worked closely with them to define the opportunity and develop a product that would provide better understanding of energy usage both during and after the Games.

Access to live energy data feeds was provided from the Olympic Stadium, Aquatics Centre, Velodrome, and Basketball Arena, Tower Bridge and the London Eye – on its own the data gave no insight into the causes of consumption. To make sense of the data, contextual factors that impact on energy demand were investigated.

After researching, digitising and mapping a huge amount of additional data, specific correlations between the energy data and the locations were identified – from the angle of bridge lifts at Tower Bridge, to the weather affecting pod humidity at the London Eye.

These insights led to the design & build of a real-time dashboard showing live energy demand and historic trends from the Olympic venues – and tells the story of the events that influence consumption.

Beyond the Olympic Park the dashboard was called ‘Visi’ and now provides EDF’s business customers with a tool that will educate their employees on smarter ways to consume energy.

Process: Vision/strategy, product design, data analysis, research, editorial content creation, prototyping, real-time data visualisation, workshops, user & stakeholder interviews, UX & UI design.