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Design & build of a tool to explain the high and ‘compounding’ nature of pay day loan interest rates – commissioned in support of a BBC documentary ‘Young, British and Broke: The Truth about Pay day Loans’

w/ Applied Works

BBC Data Visualisation

Process: Research, co-creation workshops, prototyping, wireframes, UX & UI design, testing.

The project was formed of two parts: a rapid ‘proof of concept’ prototype (some of which is shown in the images, below); a fully designed, responsive tool.

Rapid Prototype round 1
Rapid Prototype round 2
Rapid Prototype round 3

The calculator shows what happens when a pay day loan is subject to compound interest over extended periods (up to 12 months) and allows consumers to compare pay day loans to other borrowing options.

BBC Knowledge & Learning page

BBC Knowledge & Learning Page

The tool is fully responsive, with mobile being a key platform for the audience. The visualisation takes inspiration from the ‘Singapore Model’ – a visual method for teaching mathematics that bridges the gap between physical and conceptual cognitive experiences. It uses simple representative shapes that accurately reflect the numerical values of the problem being solved.

See the Pay Day Loan Calculator on the BBC’s website