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Peter can be commissioned independently, or on contract to work with an in-house team, to deliver the highest quality digital product design and creative direction.

He is an experienced, hands-on, all round creative, with a collaborative approach that combines creativity, experience and intuition with the rigour of user-centred design principles.

Peter can work in-house in London, the South & South East, and remotely with clients and teams anywhere.

If you would like to discuss a project or request further information then please get in touch (details below).

Product design, UX & UI things I do

Help to define/frame the opportunity (strategy)

Help to frame the challenge or opportunity to bring business and project teams together around a common purpose, and ensure that the creative process will answer a question that has real value for the business and their audience. This usually involves a combination of research and stakeholder workshops and interviews.

Understand users, their needs, wants and capabilities (UX)

Through research and direct conversation with users, understand and document their needs, wants and capabilities. This allows all design decisions to be informed by in-depth knowledge of the context of a customer’s interaction with a product or service.

Structure products & services (IA) and design user/task flows (UX)

Eg. Mapping how a user(s) navigates, or might navigate, through a system in order to complete tasks and reach desired goals.

Example Task Flow

Conceptual UI design (wireframing) (UX&UI)

Undesigned blueprints for the structure and content of modules, interactions, screens, views or pages. Abstract wireframes illustrate UI concepts and are a useful bridge between early UX work and the start of UI design.

Example Wireframe

UI Design (UX&UI)

Attention to detail in the delivery of refined UI designs, delivered as complete layouts, prototypes and flexible, scalable design systems.

UI Example